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Our Services for businesses

The Problem

Only a handful of service businesses are inclusive to the 171,000 special needs community population (excluding caregivers)

"I cannot find a space where I can dine in peace"

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Basic Package 

Are you a business interested to be part of the solution? This is our solution for you.


We will provide basic consultancy service to inform you what are some simple adjustments that you can make easily, right away without cost for an inclusive business.


We will provide customisable training to learn about the special needs community according to your needs


We will be giving you collaterals that you can placed in your store to educate your customers about inclusion.

This also helps to explain to customers, why you do things a little differently.


You will join our eco-system of fellow inclusive business as a Blue Dot. 

This is where you will are accredited by us, alongside a review article written by our volunteers.

Are you a business that would like to join the inclusion bandwagon? Join us now for a more inclusive Singapore!

Past Work 

Check out our previous work for facilitating inclusion in other spaces!

"May I have a seat please?" lanyard project is a collaboration between Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore, Caring Commuters SG and MOI! Created as a permanent identifier for individuals with long-term hidden disabilities, the lanyard allows the general public and the public transport staff to provide assistance to the individuals. As part of this project, MOI also launched one of the first special-needs art competition in Singapore! Wanting to involve the community directly in this project, the art competition provided the individuals with the opportunity to design the lanyard. 

Elements of the 10 winning designs were included in the design of the final lanyard!

MOI x LTA Poster.png

"May i have a seat
please?" lanyard


Singapore's first sensory-friendly cinematic experience specially created for the special needs community! If you are interested to plan for a movie screening experience for the community or if you are a cinema looking to be onboard other stakeholders who are creating inclusive spaces, do talk to us! 


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