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who are we?

We are a non-profit social enterprise that seeks to be the driving force behind inclusion within SIngapore.

"We make inclusion easy for you."


At MOI, we realise the continuous need to understand inclusivity. Apart from being the abbreviation for Movement of Inclusivity, the term "MOI" originates from the french dictionary - meaning "me". This signifies our belief that the journey towards inclusivity starts from an individual. It requires every one of us to pay attention to our stereotypes, thoughts and values, and how that leads to actions. 

The MOI logo paints an incredible picture of our vision to make Singapore an inclusive society. The dots around the logo represents the stakeholders who are vital in creating that safe space for inclusivity to manifest. The logo materializes from a faint hazy concept of inclusivity to a strong and bold movement of inclusivity.

Meet the Team

"Our strong and bold movement"


Khwong Zhi Ying

Co-Founder / Marketing


Chloe Ng

Co-Founder/ Business Development

2021-11-01 14.12.16.jpg

Nah Jie Han

Volunteer Management

IMAGE 2021-05-28 13:26:40.jpg

Ernest Wong

Co-Founder/ Business Development

2021-11-01 14.29.18.jpg

Charmaine Foo


2021-11-01 14.12.26.jpg

Daphnne Lim

Social Media

2021-11-01 14.12.21.jpg

Nicole Ong


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