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Volunteer Roles

joint effort towards inclusivity

You are an individual with a big heart, looking for opportunities to learn and give, wanting to contribute to a more inclusive Singapore. Come and join us! It is with the help of people like you that we are able to take every small step for inclusion.

See the roles available, and sign-up here:
(Note: If the form is closed, you can reach us through the "Apply Now/Enquiries" button below!)

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Research & Advocacy

Research and study on special needs community. Findings will be used to support awareness campaigns and inclusion projects.


Assist in the management of social media content. You will be in charge of publicising MOI and our services.

Our blue Dots

Advocate for inclusivity. Conduct field trips to inclusive spaces that consist of taking pictures and conducting interviews. Write review articles for the general public!




Volunteering with MOI has allowed me to develop my writing skills, while giving back to the community and learning more about inclusive spaces!

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(Social Media)

Joining MOI has been extremely rewarding — I’m happy to give back, albeit in a small way, and impact lives through the content we post on MOI’s Instagram!



More than just a volunteering experience, I even left with a new best friend after the 7 weeks - my buddy. She taught me about her world as much as I taught her new skills and soon after, the lines of what seemed to be 2 completely different lives, blurred. Reflections which were conducted after each session, also gave us the opportunity to share our experiences and discuss with the MOI staff, tapping on their wealth of experience, better ways to engage and teach children with special needs. The experience was truly eye opening..

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