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our services for parents & caregivers

understanding • Sharing • building connections

We believe in the importance of conducting ground work with the community. This is why MOI continues to provide meaningful services to the special needs community - projects that not only aim to address needs but also provide the opportunity for different individuals to engage with the community. 


Inclubuds is one of our all-time favourites! A free one-to-one program, our volunteers work very closely with the MOI team and the caregivers to develop goals and activities for the participants. 

This programme currently runs for 6 - 8 consecutive sessions each round with volunteers and participants meeting once a week. Inclubuds is currently available at various locations such as Yew Tee and Tampines! Do keep a look out as we expand to other locations in the future. 



An extension of inclubuds, iheARTS is a one-to-one arts programme for children and youths with special needs. Participants attend weekly sessions where volunteers prepare various art activities for them. These activities include small table-top activities such as cut-and-paste and painting as well as bigger creations such as making their own luggage, christmas tree and more! 


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