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Our services for schools/ workplaces


The journey towards inclusivity requires the active participation of everyone. We are taking the step to invite you on our journey. What will you do? Are you ready to join us to create a future of possibilities and acceptance? 

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If you are looking for a program that not only allows you to learn about the special needs sector, about the inclusion of diverse personalities and how these relates to your current educational or work setting. iConvo is for you! 

Through facilitating conversations, we aim to achieve 3 goals: 

      - Understanding the special needs community 

      - Understanding inclusion & discrimination 

      - Applying concepts to current situations (eg. school/workplaces)

While each session is personalised to your participants and context, our goals can still be attained as we are guided by the "MOI" framework which is inspired by various models such as Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle. 


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