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Facilitated conversations about inclusivity

Inclusivity is a topic that is very diverse and complex; however this sparks our dedication to approach this topic. iConversations is a MOI-initiated program that aims to provide a platform for facilitated discussions. Through promoting conversations, we aim to achieve 3 goals: 

          - Understanding the special needs community 

          - Understanding inclusion & discrimination 

          - Applying learnt values to current situations (be it school or workplaces)

Inspired by Kolb's Experiential Learning Cycle, Pfeiffer and Jones' Experiential Learning Cycle (1985) and McKinsey's Change Management Model, we created the "MOI" framework for iConversations. 

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Participants that are more socially aware and socially involved

Customisable packages

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Full iConvo Package

Full 6 - 7 hours programme including interactive disability workshops (eg. ASD, ADHD and Dyslexia) and disability simulation.                                   

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Individual Engagements

Want us to conduct assembly talk sessions? Contact us on the topic you would like to explore and we will plan something out for you!

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Completed our iConversations and would like your participants to have a go at creating their own project? We provide facilitated guidance during the planning and execution of a community project.

*Each session is highly customisable to the profile of the participants so do contact us to find out more!

Some past partnerships 

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