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"May I Have a Seat Please?" Lanyard 

In collaboration with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore and Caring Commuters SG, MOI launched the “May I have a Seat Please” Lanyard Initiative.


We aim to help individuals with invisible medical conditions alert other fellow commuters using a uniquely designed lanyard. Some example of invisible/hidden conditions include ASD, ADHD, Chronic Pain/Fatigue and Epilepsy. When the general public and the public transport staffs identify this lanyard, they are able to offer not only understanding but also support and assistance such as the offering of a seat. 


This initiative began not only from the perspective of wanting to expand the "May I have a Seat Please" sticker initiative started by LTA in 2019, it was also conceptualised after concerns shared by the Autism Community when children with ASD go missing.


We hope that with such an identifier, commuters and frontline officers are also able to look out for them and provide appropriate assistance.


We believe that this is an important step towards an inclusive public transport system in Singapore. 





** The final lanyard design is an incorporation of elements from 10 winning artworks from the special needs community.


This project is in partnership with: 

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