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Inclunema x EagleWings Cinematics
Movement of Inclusivity (MOI)

Inclunema x EagleWings Cinematics

Inclusive Cinematic Experience

Inclunema is Singapore's first sensory-friendly cinema that is inclusive for both the general public and the Special Needs communities. To date, we have had several successful screenings including Frozen 2, The Secret Life of Pets 2, The Angry Birds Movie 2 etc. We are looking forward to more that are on its way!  


Some of the features include: 

1. Brighter lights in the theatre to reduce flashes and glaring reflections from the screen;

2. Lower volume to avoid overpowering and sudden loud sounds during the movies; 

3. Free seating and unrestricted movement during the movies; 

We are constantly in conversations with more cinemas to ensure that Inclunema reaches a wider community. Frequent updates on upcoming screenings will be available on the site and our facebook page!

This inclunema initiative is one rare opportunity for special needs family to experience watching movie in a cinema theatre without being judged. The children were free to be themselves if they needed a movement break to walk around or make some noise or ask questions during the movie. Parents were at ease knowing that the movie session was specially catered to them and the environment was safe with sufficient light to see the stairs clearly." 

HuiYee, Ex-Sped school teacher

Felt very relaxed watching the movie as I do not have to worry about the occasional noises that my child makes during the show. He was able to walk around if he felt restless." 

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