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87 Just Thai - Delicious Thai food with superb service

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Next up on our list is 87 Just Thai, another restaurant for you to discover! With 2 outlets in Singapore, they serve up delicious Thai fare that we dare say is comparable to other well-known Thai food franchises in Singapore.

We visited their Pasir Panjang outlet for lunch and ordered a few of their signature dishes to share. 87 Just Thai boasts a pretty wide selection of dishes, as you can see from the menu below. And safe to say, the food did not disappoint!

4 dishes from the restaurant, 2 plates of rice and 2 drinks on a wooden table.
The vibrant feast that satisfied our bellies.

Food Review

We ordered the Tom Yam red soup with seafood ($8), stir fried kai lan with mushroom ($7), stir fried minced pork with hot basil leaves ($8), green curry with chicken ($10), and 2 plates of Thai fragrant steamed rice ($1 each).

We enjoyed all the dishes, and it reminded us of being back in Thailand, which was a pleasant surprise since travelling is especially difficult during the pandemic. The Thai milk tea and Thai green milk tea that we ordered also hit the sweet spot, without being overly cloying. We shared 4 dishes among the 3 of us, and thought the portions were pretty standard and reasonably priced! The restaurant is definitely worth visiting for the food.

Below is some information that could be useful to the special needs community and caregivers. If you want a short summary, skip to the end of the article!


87 Just Thai is located on the roadside at Pasir Panjang, which is a 5-minute straight walk from Pasir Panjang MRT Station. If it’s raining, don’t forget to bring along an umbrella as the path is not sheltered! For those who drive, there is a car park behind 87 Just Thai where you may park and take a short walk to the restaurant.

Horizontal signboard of 87 Just Thai above the shop.
Look out for the large signboard above when looking for the restaurant!

Physical Environment

The tables and chairs are arranged in such a way that the restaurant is spacious and wide enough to accommodate wheelchair users and for customers to walk about freely. However, in the event of a full house, the space might get slightly narrower which may limit mobility. Families with young children should also practice caution as usual against the table edges and waiters when hot food is being served.

Additionally, do be careful not to trip and look out for the small curb at the entrance while entering the restaurant! If you face any difficulties entering the restaurant, you can simply call the staff for assistance.

Most importantly, for special needs families who require corner seats or other accommodations, feel free to request for them! If it is possible, the staff and owners of 87 Just Thai are willing to do their best to render their assistance.

3 pairs of tables lined with 4 chairs each on the left, a corridor in the middle and an approximate 6-inch curb on the right.
Entrance of the restaurant is located by the main road. Do look out for the curb when entering! Wheelchair users can request for assistance if needed.

Sensory Environment

When we visited 87 Just Thai for lunch, the crowd was quite large with a steady stream of customers coming in. If you want to avoid them, the owners of 87 Just Thai have shared that weekday evenings would be a more suitable time to dine in! Lastly, sitting further into the restaurant may help to reduce the noises coming from the main road.

87 Just Thai is also not air conditioned but the place is well ventilated with many fans. The temperature of the restaurant may vary depending on the weather but you don’t have to worry that it will be too hot as the place is quite windy.

We also found the lighting in 87 Just Thai to be just right. The usage of yellow lights means that the restaurant is not too striking and not too dim. Again, sitting further into the restaurant may help to reduce the glares from the sun during lunchtime. The tables are made of wood and are not reflective, hence it is unlikely to cause further sensitivity to the eyes.

Hanging ceiling lights in a 3 by 4 formation
Their ceilings are adorned with plenty of fans that provide a constant breeze, and lights that help to brighten the restaurant.


The ordering process in 87 Just Thai is very simple and straightforward. Once you are seated, the staff will hand you their menu. Simply call out for a staff member once you are ready to place your order. Afterwards, all you have to do is enjoy your meal before making your payment at the cashier.

87 Just Thai is very welcoming to all members of the society, including people with special needs. Their team consists of attentive, patient and caring owners and staff, who are always on the lookout for their customers. Despite their lack of training, they have experience in engaging with people with special needs, with a few of their regular patrons being members of the community. The owners also stated that they are always eager to learn more about the special needs community, “I tend to lead by example. It’s more empathy than anything else.”

The owners of 87 Just Thai set a good example to their staff by ensuring that all customers are treated equally and providing all their customers a pleasant dining experience. With that, the staff will follow suit! Their kind and understanding attitude and support towards the special needs community are displayed in various ways, including offering families with special needs members corner seats, interacting with special needs children and youths, and providing them with ice cream and treats.

If any assistance is required, the owners and staff are always more than happy to help out. This demonstrates just how excellent their service is and how they are able to deliver a comfortable experience for their customers! Of course, their delicious food plays a part as well!

5 individuals posing in a line and smiling with their masks on.
With Alvin and Eric, the friendly owners of 87 Just Thai!



  • 5-minute unsheltered walk from Pasir Panjang MRT.

  • Car Park located behind the restaurant, but may require a short walk.

Physical Environment

  • Spacious, and wide enough for wheelchair users, but might get slightly narrower in the event of a full-house.

  • Curb at the entrance with no ramp, but staff are quick to render assistance if needed.

  • Food is hot, so be careful to keep children away when they are serving. Table corners are not particularly sharp.

  • Tip: Special needs families can request for corner seats away from others.

Sensory Environment

  • Lighting is just right, neither too blinding nor too dark.

  • Tables are wood and non-reflective.

  • There is a steady stream of customers, and during lunch hour it can get noisy. Restaurant is by the roadside, so there is also added noise from vehicles passing by.

  • Non-air conditioned, but well ventilated with many fans.

  • Tip: Special needs families can request to sit further into the restaurant as it might help to reduce sensory triggers.


  • Staff are untrained, but they have substantial experience serving special needs customers, with one of the regulars being part of the special needs community.

  • We found the owners and staff to be very understanding, patient, and kind in ensuring that all their customers, including the special needs community, feel safe and have an enjoyable dine-out experience.

  • Prompt service by an understanding and compassionate staff, who are quick to render assistance to those who need it.

  • Straightforward, easy ordering process: A waiter will approach the table with a menu and to take your order. Payment is made at the cashier.

  • *Note that they only accept payment by Cash, PayNow, or PayLah!

Final Review

Overall, while the physical environment is not specially catered to the special needs community, the outstanding service more than makes up for it. The owners and staff are extremely helpful and understanding to the special needs community. They are willing to accommodate, learn and improve themselves to better serve their customers, which we feel is one of the most important aspects in making a space more inclusive.

The owners of 87 Thai Cafe stated, “For every customer that comes in, we welcome everyone. We just give them the best. Be it anyone, children, adults, people with special needs or elderly folks, we just want them to feel welcome and enjoy the place.”

87 Just Thai

87 Pasir Panjang Rd, Singapore 118510

Opening Hours:

11.30am-2pm; 5-9pm daily

*closed on Wednesdays

Phone: 6473 3396

87 Just Thai

57 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239520

Opening Hours:

11.30am-2pm; 5-9pm daily

*closed on Wednesdays

Phone: 6269 8810

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