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Creating an
Inclusive Singapore

An organisation determined to continually effect change and be the driving force behind inclusivity in Singapore.

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Connect with us!

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for businesses/ organisations

If you are a business owner or a manager, find out more over here about how you can play your part for a more inclusive Singapore! Through our project: Our Blue Dots, we make inclusion easy for businesses!

For schools/ workplaces

Are you a teacher? Or perhaps a HR manager? Find out more over here about iConversation program, where we designed individualised sessions for anyone to learn and discover more about inclusion. Empowering individuals to play their part for inclusion in their daily lives.

For caregivers

If you are caring for someone from the special needs community, we are here for you! Find out more about Inclubuds and iHearts! We would want to be directly in touch with you, and these are programs curated for you.


You are an individual with a big heart, looking for opportunities to learn and give, wanting to contribute for a more inclusive Singapore. Come and join us! It is with the help of people like you that we are able to take every small step for inclusion.


The full-time caregiver said: "He would fidget and make noises. We are always prepared to leave if it does not work out."

She and three other students, Khwong Zhi Ying, 22, Chloe Ng, 23, and Ernest Wong, 22, began sharing their experiences and thoughts about inclusivity, and they realised that there was a gap in the special needs space.

SINGAPORE: Commuters with long-term medical conditions that prevent them from standing for prolonged periods will soon be able to use an identifier to help them get a seat on buses and trains here.

The ‘May I have a Seat, please?’ initiative in Singapore originally started out using stickers when it began in October 2019.

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