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Lina's Cafe

A homely respite for caregivers and special needs children alike



7 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199074

Nearest MRT:

Bugis DTL

Opening Hours: 

Monday: 11am - 730pm
Tuesday - Saturday: 11am - 830pm

- Accessible by public transport.
- 10 min walk from Bugis MRT.

Physical Environment:
- Cafe is filled with neutral, calming colours with nature motifs.
- Small space, with narrow walkway, but little obstruction.
- No potential safety hazards observed around the space.
- Can request for plastic cutlery.
TIP: Call in advance to make a booking if you have a larger group; or avoid peak lunch and dinner hours.

Sensory Environment:
- Warm lighting that’s suitable and not likely to trigger sensory overload.
- Volume of ambient music can be requested to be lowered, just approach Lina directly.
- Minimal noise from traffic or other surroundings.
- Space is air conditioned well, but it’s not too cold.
TIP: Approach Lina for any requests and she will try to make you feel more comfortable

- Staff will approach to take your order, but you can approach the cashier or signal for help if they’re busy or it’s crowded.
- Café is very accepting, and places an emphasis on creating a safe space for the special needs community, other patrons are expected to be understanding.


Contact Details:

9187 2094

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